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Gensa Basınç Tankları


GENSA PRESSURE TANKS, which started its first production in Ankara Ostim in 1985, continues to produce industrial pressure equipment that the sector needs with high quality and care since its first day.

In recent years, efforts have been continuing at full speed to accelerate its activities and investments and to ensure the transition from contract manufacturing to original manufacturing as a result of R&D studies. Its production in 2000m2 closed working area, which is the new manufacturing site; Air tank, LPG tank, water tank, fuel tank, balance tank, nitrogen tank and pressurized-non-pressure special project works taking into account all the fine points. Our company continues to satisfy its customers with CE production by interpreting and applying EN-13445 series (PED) as air tank manufacturing standard and EN-12542 / EN-13445 standards as LPG tank standard. On the way to speed up exports

The company, which sees customer satisfaction as the main value in its new factory with a total of 13 people with its expert production-installation team and administrative staff, has made a difference in its products with its quality and safety principles.




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