What are the necessary accessories for air tanks?

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Compressed Air Safety Valves

 Air tanks must have at least one safety valve according to European standards.

 Safety valves can be of two forms.

 1. Workers at a manufacturer predetermined constant pressure.

 2. Different models are also safety valves that are manually decided at what pressure to open according to the user’s request.

 It is the user’s own decision which of these two models to choose. It can be requested upon request.


Manometers are used to measure whether sufficient pressure is formed in installations operating under pressure. There are also types with minimum and maximum pressure values.

Usage areas

  •      Compressed air lines
  •      Health devices
  •      Hydraulic systems
  •      Heating installations
  •      Water pumps
  •       Water circulation systems, etc.
  •       In heating and air conditioning machines
  •       In machine production

Drain (Valve)

It is the place where we will evacuate the condensation water formed over time in air or pressurized tanks. It is usually located in the middle of the lower camber of the tank. There are 2 types.

Manual ball valve

  • Time adjustable solenoid valve




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